How do I get certified to deliver RBSE workshops and coaching?

RBSE Facilitator Certification is achieved upon the successful completion of a two-and-a-half-day Train-the-Trainer (TTT)/certification workshop, delivered and managed by our partner EnlivenWork.

Who can be certified to deliver the RBSE to others?

Corporate and non-profit leaders, human resource professionals, trainers, coaches, educators, and others who submit an application and are approved to participate in a two-and-a-half-day TTT/certification workshop.

What can I do once I’m certified?

Certified RBSE Facilitators are permitted to administer RBSE workshops and coaching to those who officially register for the RBSE via this website. As noted on our About page, we will manage the RBSE data collection process and generate Best Self Reports for your colleagues, clients, or students. You will take them through the next steps of an RBSE workshop or coaching experience.


Please send me information about the certification program and upcoming offerings.